Different Kinds of Bicycle For Different Purposes

In recent times, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a bicycle. This is as a result of an increase in the different types of bikes in the market.


Each category has its specifications based on frame design, function, rider position, sport, and material. Below is a list of the different types of bicycles common in today’s market, and their purposes.


Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for easy riding on smooth pavements and roads. Their tires are skinny and smooth. Additionally, they have “drop” handlebars that facilitate easier movement on-road racing. They are lighter in weight as compared to many other types of bicycles. They are convenient for use on paved trails as many people find them uncomfortable when ridden on unpaved and unstable trails. Most road bikes lack the capability of carrying heavy luggage. There are different kinds of road bikes mainly:


Cyclocross Bicycles – This is a unique type of road bike which is designed for use on a variety of surfaces such as unpaved trails, a combination of pavements, grass, and gravel among others.

Their tires are quite wide for easier use on off-roads, and their braking system is built in a manner that prevents mud buildup around and in the frame.


Fixed-Gear Bicycles – Fixed-Gear bikes, also known as track bikes, have a simple design making them easy to maintain. For the bike to keep moving, the rider is required to keep pedaling. They have a dropped handlebar which can be adjusted to the rider’s specification.


Flat-Bar Road Bicycles – This type of bike is an excellent commuter bike as it can mount fenders and cargo racks. It is a high-performance bike and is light. Its tires are relatively broad.

Time Trial Bicycles- This type of road bike maximizes its aerodynamic features. It’s handlebars allow the rider to crouch forward, thus minimizing wind resistance against the body. However, these bicycles are not permitted in mass-start races.


Touring Bicycles – They are designed for use on pavements. However, they are more durable than regular road bikes, thus convenient for long-distance riding. They have a relaxed frame design which allows the rider to remain more upright throughout the journey, facilitating comfortability through long rides.


Touring bikes have a lower gear range than other road bikes. This allows them to carry heavy loads uphill.


Mountain Bikes


This category of bikes is designed for riding on rough off-road. Their handlebars are upright while others are flat. They have a relatively low gear range to facilitate pedaling up a steep trail. Most of these bikes are equipped with shock absorbers.


Mountain bikes can also be used for commuting or touring. However, they would not be as efficient or light as bicycles designed to serve those purposes.


Cruiser Bikes


Cruiser bikes are designed for casual riding. Therefore, they have a comfortable large seat and an upright riding position. They are fitted with wide balloon-like tires and generally upright handlebars.


They are convenient for short-distance errands and commuting on a fairly flat route.


Hybrid Bikes


This type of bike was designed to serve the purposes of both mountain and road bikes. They have upright handlebars, and their seats are large and padded, thus facilitating comfortability of the rider.


They are considered to be the best type of bikes for running errands around one’s area, short-distance commuting, as well as for casual riding along bike paths and around the neighborhood.


However, they are not as efficient and light as road bikes on paved roads. They are also not convenient for use on rough-off roads such as mountain bike trails. If you are a biker, check our article on best way to treat dehydration as it is a common occurrence to long distance bikers.